Australasian Region of The International Biometric Society Australasian Region of The International Biometric Society

Regional council

The Australasian Region is governed by a council comprising the President, Vice president or Past president, Treasurer and Secretary of the region as well as the regional newsletter correspondent and regional representatives to IBS. We also have 2 members on the new IBS Executive Board.

Nominations for each vacant position are called for by the Secretary towards the end of the calendar year prior to the bi-ennial regional conference. If more than one nomination is received for a particular position, then members are required to vote for a preferred candidate for the position. Otherwise, no formal election is necessary.

The regional council currently comprises the following people:

Name Employer Position Term
Samuel Müller University of Sydney President 2017-2018
Ross Darnell CSIRO, Queensland Past President 2017
IBS Council Member 2015-2019
David Baird VSN, NZ Secretary 2016-2017
Warren Müller Retired, Canberra Treasurer 2000-2017
Vanessa Cave AgResearch, Hamilton, NZ Biometric Bulletin correspondent 2014-2017
Hans Hockey Biometrics Matters Ltd, NZ Regional website manager 2009-2017
Brian Cullis University of Wollongong IBS Executive Board 2017-2020
Ken Russell Retired IBS Council Member 2013-2017
Kathy Ruggiero University of Auckland, NZ IBS Council Member 2013-2017

Last updated 14 March 2017